Put a Great Experience in Your Life: Daniel Vineyards, LLC

on September 18th, 2013
by Jeff Pittman

By Wilson White, L.P.N.
Creative Conductor, F.J. Marketing, Inc.

Recall your latest great experience! What made it great?

One part of any great experience is how it makes you feel! My recent experience at Daniel Vineyards, LLC was GREAT! A claim like this is easy to make but backing it up or providing substantive reporting is another story. Experience it for yourself, erstwhile here’s my story.

As a nurse by profession, I felt a degree of dread approaching a successful vineyard in the function of business. That is, wearing the “hat” of a salesperson is not yet as comfortable to me as the scrubs I have worn thread-bare helping patients. Turning off of Old Route 54 into the vineyard, this feeling fell away at the sight of grapevines rising up a hillock. A sweeping view of the grounds lay just beyond the rise of the hill; I was already enjoying myself, having yet to even park my car!d2

Upon entering the tasting room, the winsome voice of a crafts-person greeted me with an invitation to join others in tasting. A couple from Illinois were swirling and savoring varieties of white wine as the late summer sun blazed through big windows from behind streaming, beautiful white clouds. This clean, well-lit room enhanced my welcome and sense of ease. I was only a few steps from the front door and I already looked forward to my next visit! Here is what I learned about Daniel Vineyard:

Daniel Vineyards, LLC has a good number of reasons to take pride in producing boutique wines from “cold climate cultivars”. At over 2,500 feet above sea level, the current 14 grape varieties have a unique journey from vine to wine. These cold-hardy and disease-free vine-fast spherical fruits have also adapted to a Vertical Shoot Positioning V-shaped trellis developed by the owner and winemaker, Dr. C. Richard Daniel.

Producing wine at this elevation is an achievement unto itself! To do it well and be recognized for having produced it on the “third best conservation farm in the state,” is a triumph far beyond the challenges of most wineries. This recognition as a “conservation farm” speaks very well of Daniel Vineyard’s effort to address farming concerns like soil integrity, wild-life friendly production space and land-sparing efforts for biodiversity. A deer training fence, Canadian hemlock and Lombardy poplar surround each of the five vineyards. More than 225 rose bushes are planted at the ends of grape rows. Daniel Vineyard can also boast of a spectacular view from any vantage point on the property making the ambient experience contiguous. Elaborate landscaping surrounds the winery, pavilion, deck and a 30-foot gazebo.

The first vines were planted by Dr. Daniel in 1990. He experimented with 114 different varieties and the ones which thrived to produce outstanding wine are presently: Native American (Norton), French-American hybrids (Seyval, Vidal, Vignoles, St. Vincent), Swenson hybrids (Esprit, Brianna, Sabrevois), Cornell University hybrids (Cayuga, Chardonel, Traminette), and University of Minnesota hybrids (Frontenac, Marquette, La Crescent).

In addition to award-winning wines, Daniel Vineyards hosts a three acre blueberry patch. For the Pick-Your-Own enthusiast, blueberry picking season is from mid June thru early August. This expansive 192 acre farm also has four venues available for year-round private events such as weddings, class and family reunions, fundraisers, birthday parties, business retreats and more!d3

By the time I left the vineyard I learned of a number of upcoming events. Of great interest is the debut of the new varietal, the Marquette! In the next few weeks Daniel Vineyard will host The W.V. Storytellers, a local artist will guide visitors through improvisational art and host the town of Sophia’s Blueprint Community; the “Footprint” group.

A great experience awaits you and your friends at Daniel Vineyards!

Put a great experience in your life!

For more event details, check out Daniel Vineyard’s website at: www.danielvineyards.com

Also, check out the Blueprint Community under “ORGANIZATIONS” on the Town of Sophia’s web-site!

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