Blueprint Community

The Blueprint Community Is Improving Sophia!


What is a Blueprint Community?

In the fewest words possible, a Blueprint Community gets public and private help to revitalize older communities and its neighborhoods!


Why should Sophia be a Blueprint Community?

This is a unique community! It is unique because of its size, downtown space, potential for growth , location and among many other things, its citizens! Sophia has great potential to improve and expand the quality of Civic and Business ventures. Improvement and expansion of Civic and Business ventures takes a plan. This plan is developed by team of community citizens who reach out to business owners, citizens and investors to make Sophia a lively and fun place to live and work!


Who can get involved in the Sophia Blueprint Community?

Anyone can get involved!! Volunteers can offer as little or as much time and/or ideas as they feel comfortable. These are the sub-committees:

Beautification Development, Economic Development, Tourism Development, Civic Engagement.


What is the Sophia Blueprint Community vision statement?

A community built on family, heritage and pride, committed through persistence and a desire to improve, by focusing on growth, economic development and youth.


Is the Sophia Blueprint Community efforts limited to only Sophia?

No, neighboring towns are also included and encouraged to participate!


Where does the S.B.C. meet and who can I contact to get involved?

Meetings are held in the Sophia Town Hall on the first Monday each month (subject to change) at 1:00p.m. Contact Steve Frame at (304) 461-6520 ext. 100.

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