The Footprint Group–Firming Up Business Direction In Sophia

on September 18th, 2013
by Jeff Pittman

You may already know that the Town of Sophia, including the surrounding area, is a Blueprint Community! If this news hasn’t already brought a 10,000 volt smile to your face, then allow me to sell you on the virtues of this status!


A number of community members (the Blueprint Committee) have begun, what must see like to them, military style training to learn how to organize community members (both business and citizenry) to improve Sophia. That’s a good thing, right! But what counts as an “improvement”, you ask?! That’s a great question because YOU, dear citizen, get to help define “improvement” as well as work toward them, if you are so moved!


The overall effort for improvement falls back to the Blueprint Community planning. So, what has it planned for you lately?! The Blueprint Committee has created four sub-committees. They are:


  1. The Footprint—Community Business owners and managers meet to assess the status of business operation in this area and plan to make improvements.
  2. The Handprint—Concerned citizen volunteers will meet to determine what they can do, collectively and as individuals, to act in the public interest.
  3. Beautification Committee—This group will make headway toward a MORE visually desirable Sophia!
  4. Tourism Committee—this committee will answer the question, “how can Sophia attract tourists?”


The Pioneer Community Bank has graciously offered to host the Footprint group for its September meeting. Daniel Vineyards was kind enough to offer to convene the October meeting.  If your business would like to host a future Footprint meeting, please feel free to contact the Blueprint Community!


Check back on the Sophia website each month to read about what the Footprint group is doing and how it will do it. You can find articles on this group by searching, “Footprint Tracker”.

Are you smiling, yet?! Get involved!! Smile anyway!