Council Meeting Minutes Novemeber 2013

on December 20th, 2013
by Gary Basham

Town Council Meeting 11/21/2013


Meeting open at 7:00pm

Prayer by Tom McKinney

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as presented and motion made by Tom McKinney to accept Seconded by Ralph Sallie.

Finance report – Linda Hatfield asked why there were two copies of the finance report with the same information, “seemed redundant”. Gary Basham stated he would check into it for a reason.

Finance Tom McKinney made a motion to accept the finance report Seconded by Ralph Sallie. 

Fire, Building Commission, and Safety Report given by Chief Jeff Pittman giving totals of the finances of the department, and the financial standing of the Building Commission stating that the contracts for each of the properties leased needs to be gone over to see what the responsibility of the Building Commission in relation to the responsibilities of the renters are. That the renters are turning in bills that could be the renter’s responsibility. 

The Safety report – The GPS units are in the ordering phase and should be installed within the month. The bid for the GPS units was awarded to Global Fleet Management, due to the cost and no contract had to be signed. 

Police Report – Given By Lt. McMillion on the number of calls responded to, also talked about the GPS units to be put on the vehicles this within the next couple of weeks. Questioned about the Shop with a Cop account, to see if there were any money in that account. It was believed that the money had already been used for the police dept. about 2 months ago, but will check and advise if it had been used.

Lt. McMillion stated that they were working to get the community crime watch active.

The dept. was obtaining 3 bids for the in car camera system and should have a report on them soon. Randy Paul stated he would give the police a contact of a vendor where the Town may be able to get the cameras without going through a dealer.

November 22nd is the cutoff date for the possible candidates for new police hire. 

Jeff Pittman gave a report on notes that Mayor Barr had gave him on Items going on – 1st The Interpretive Park was a go ahead from the state and the first thing on the agenda was to get bids on fencing to go around the park. 2nd Governors Partnership Grant was applied for, for the flooding on Riffe St. Already have $20,000.00 thanks to Sen. Green and Hall. 3rd A $5,000.00 draw down has been applied for to pay on the Charger Police car. 4th No news received from the Department of Highways concerning hydraulic study, will be meeting with Judith Lyons with Soil Conservation concerning the flooding. The meeting doesn’t have a date as of this date. 5th Christmas Parade will be on December 14th at 2pm. 

The fire department Christmas dinner will be on December 15th at 2pm, all town Council and employees are invited to attend.

Christmas lighting will be Thanksgiving night at Dusk.  

Money Matters Accounting representatives gave a presentation of services they offer and presented quotes for consideration.  

Janice Angle – Spoke about the road on Ruble Street and the brush at the corner of Ruble and Rail Road Ave. And ask if anything could be done about it. Jeff Pittman advised her that most of that was Rail Road property and that we were trying to get in contact with someone to take care of it but it would probably be spring before something happens. 

Tom McKinney made motion to close Second by Linda Hatfield  

Closed at 8:15pm       


Pro tem Mayor – Recorder Gary Basham


Tom McKinney

Linda Hatfield

Randy Paul

Ralph Sallie

Pro tem Recorder Jeff Pittman


Mayor Danny Barr

Wallace Davenport