Fire Department

The Sophia City Fire Department was formed in 1977, and serves as the fire department for the residents of the Town of Sophia. A town fire department was formed in the early 1920’s which served Sophia and the local areas.

In 1948 the Sophia Volunteer Fire Department was organized by Sophia business and council members with a fire truck donated by the Slab Fork Coal Company. The Sophia Volunteer Fire Department covered the areas of the gulf and even assisted with other departments in the county. In 1976 after a dispute with the Sophia Volunteer Fire Dept. and the Town Council, the Town of Sophia Volunteer Fire Department was organized.

One truck a small garage and about 12 members, with the first Fire Chief Gary Hatfield started the long process of forming a fire department. By October 1981 the members moved in the new three bay building and within a year ordered the towns first new fire truck.

Today we have added two additional bays and a fleet of emergency vehicles.

Engine 1

Engine 2

Engine 3

Ladder 86

Tech Rescue 1

Rescue 5

Command 1

Mountain Rescue Polaris  6×6

Special Ops Trailer

Command Trailer

As with all the departments the fire service has greatly increased in equipment and the ability of serving our communities better with the help of the Fire Levy. If not for the citizens voting for the levy, we would be struggling to pay for equipment, insurance, and fuel for the vehicles. Not everyone can be a firefighter, but by voting for the Levy, You are indirectly a part of the fire department of your community. Fire Departments are not noticed until someone needs them and then it’s good to know that the volunteers are there for you. Thank You for Voting for The Levy.

Raleigh County Citizens needs the Fire Levy to continue.


Jeff Pittman

Fire Chief

Last Appointed:  2009

Initial hire date:  March 1, 1981

“The Sophia City Fire Department’s goal is to provide the town of Sophia and the surrounding areas the best protection possible!”

“I love the small town feel and being able to help someone and know who I am helping.”

“Sophia is a peaceful place with friendly people and an abundance of history.”

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