Sophia Web-Site Advertisement

Contact Information: (304) 461-6520


Launch Date:  September 20th, 2013



*Run for one year.

*Can be changed and/or updated up to 2 times per month.

*Tracking information (on ad) can quantify the increase in business.

*Can be created and/or updated by FJ Marketing $100.00 (each ad)

*There will be no industry competition for advertisers:

*Ads will be featured on all Sophia web-site pages both above and below the “fold”.

*One business can be featured both above and below the “fold”.

*Ads will rotate with every click on the site.


Basic Package:  $750 for one year ($62.50 per month, business create ads)

*For additional advertising needs (custom packages) contact:

Web-site launch plan:

*Press release to Register Herald

*Inter-promotional plan: (First Year Only 9/20/13 to 9/20/14)

*Participating businesses can direct patrons to the other 13 advertisers:

*Business media delivered to other participating sites

*This is a one-time service among participants

*Participants will be responsible for display areas for this media

*City sponsored events will mention it’s supporters/sponsors at events:

*Examples:  Gospel Sing, future planned events with BluePrint Community

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