Town of Sophia Comprehensive Plan Survey

October 9th, 2015 Friday

Starting Day:

Friday 9th

Ending Day:

Saturday 31st


24 hours




The Town of Sophia is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive plan.  The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to identify issues and concerns of residents that are negatively affecting the quality of life for those that live and work in Sophia. The plan will include detailed action items outlining specific steps that town government and other partners can take to address the identified issues and concerns.  The plan will also be the foundation for future growth and development in the town.

As the plan revolves around issues in Sophia, citizen input is a vital part of the planning process.  Therefore, a survey has been created to solicit input from the general public.  The survey is designed to only take a few minutes to complete and will help local elected officials identify issues and concerns in the Town of Sophia.  This information is vital in helping define the future of Sophia and what actions the town should take in order for it to prosper.

The survey can be found online (

Please complete the survey by October 30, 2015.