5th Annual Sonny’s Day Remembrance Dinner 2014

October 11th, 2014 Saturday

Starting Day:

Saturday 11th

Ending Day:

Saturday 11th


6:pm - 9:pm


400 W. Main St. Sophia


Jeffrey Pittman 304-890-1684

We would like to personally invite each and every one of you, your departments and family to come and celebrate the 5th annual “Sonny’s Day Dinner” to be held on October 11th at 6:pm at the Sophia City Bingo Hall.

Sonny’s Day is a day to celebrate the lives of all of the many that have came and gone that made Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and all first Response a part of their lives.

We ask that if your department has had any members that are no longer with us, please contact their families and personally invite them also. We don’t want to forget anyone.  We would love to see pictures or memorabilia of those folks that we can set up on the tables for everyone to see.

We would also love to see any slide shows that your dept may have, or if you would like to send pictures or stories of those persons to tsvfd@live.com, we will try to incorporate them in this years’ slide.  We ask that all pics and stories be sent by October 3rd so we will have time to get them in the slide.

Remember that this is a day to celebrate these folks and even if you didn’t know them, this is a great opportunity to just come and sit down and have a great dinner with all of our brothers and sisters out there, so come hungry and happy and enjoy.